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Wavin Contactless Mobile Check In

Retaining customer records is vital during COVID-19 with many jurisdictions making it mandatory in all commercial premises. We have patented technology that will help your industry achieve safety and efficiency

Using QR Code solutions are problematic with some phones not having QR Codes and frustrating to users to have to enter their details in every single time they enter a premise.


  • Using pen and paper or one iPad is slow, cumbersome and means every patron is touching the same pen, paper or tablet and could be spreading the virus.
  • Having a staff member standing at the front door taking details down or sterilizing a pen or iPad is time consuming and a waste of money, adding to your staffing costs.
  • Paper lists often getting lost and is a privacy issue as other guests see details of other patrons.
Our Mission:
  • To spread this idea faster than the virus!
  • To help all businesses comply with contact tracing in the most efficient way to reduce and manage the spread of COVID-19 globally.
  • To make it easy for all member of the public to use their smartphones to WAVIN to all locations. To help businesses reopen and grow quicker. I also remember one of your good clients being a restaurant chain?
Don’t Just Login, WAVIN Fast entry, less queuing, more sales, easy compliance.